I’m Anastasia Bernoulli. I work as a structural engineer, and I’m the type of Millennial who played Oregon Trail in Elementary School.  I live in a big city now, but I grew up on a farm in the rural south. Once upon a time, I served in the Army as a land surveyor. I’ve lived a lot of random places and met a huge and diverse array of people, all of whom have taught me something I needed to know.

I have tons of kids and an amazing husband. I’m a big liberal, kind of a socialist, really, and I like politics as much as most people from my hometown like football. Also, I’m a cat person, and a vegetarian, and I eat pineapples on pizza.

This blog features stream of consciousness writing mostly done in 15 minute intervals on my coffee breaks at work, because when else does a working mom write? Oh, and I have a FaceBook page now. Check it out.