I guarantee this to be disjointed and probably not make much sense. I also guarantee it is 100% real.

But enough about that, we’re getting married in just under two weeks, and it’ll be in Vegas, which is exactly what I’ve always wanted. I’ve never cared much about guests, have always been bad at throwing parties, and I don’t look good in white. Doing things my family disapproves of has also been a huge hallmark of my life, from joining the Army, to majoring in engineering, to pretty much every article of clothing I have ever owned, and now I get to add eloping to Vegas to that list. This is bucket list material, you guys, serious bucket list stuff. I will wear a purple dress, not give a single care what anyone else thinks, and marry my boyfriend at Planet Hollywood.

I’ve also learned that my idea of what this should look like has changed. At 21, I wanted it tacky. Hell, I am kind of tacky, even now, but something about booking a wedding at a classic tacky Las Vegas chapel felt wrong from about a day after we booked it. Yes, we wanted to elope, but we also wanted good pictures, a venue that doesn’t look like the 80’s threw up on a tacky florist shop, and to be on the strip, not off on some side street half an hour away.

No, I am officially 30-something years old, and have crossed that threshold at some point where cheap shoes hurt my feet, $80 foundation is practically a business expense, and I cannot abide second rate flowers at a cut rate wedding venue or photography in the wrong style for the occasion. I know quality and I’m willing to pay for it. Obviously, when eloping, you’re going to make some concessions, but there are a few things I’m absolutely not willing to compromise on, and so we didn’t. Thankfully, I have a very patient fiancé. He agreed completely.

So with all of this in place, we changed our venue to Planet Hollywood. I keep googling images of other people’s wedding photos there, and I cannot wait to take some of our own. It’s such a beautiful and exciting venue, and totally suits us. When I talk to the coordinators, I think they understand what I actually want, not just that they think they do, and then are going to give me something I would consider crap. I love the sculpture we’re going to be getting married in front of. I love the marble floors of the chapel. I love the lighting. Everything is good.

I can’t wait. A week and a half until we fly out. It’ll be just the two of us, thank goodness. I’m so excited to experience this with him. It’s going to be amazing.

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