People sometimes say I should have a blog, so this is me trying to start one. I’m unsure if I’ll have enough things to write about that people will actually want to read, but there’s only one way to find out. So, who am I and what am I going to do with this?

I’m a parent. My kids are range from Kindergarten to teens. I have seen some shit. From the most disgusting illnesses ever, to dyslexia diagnoses, and being sure at one point that we needed a frequent visitors card to the local ER, I have been there. As for parenting philosophies, I am to the point that I do not care what another person does as long as it doesn’t affect me (if your kid is in my home with any kind of regularity, I totally care. Barring that, do you.) I practiced some attachment parenting stuff with my own, birthed them at home, breastfed, etc, but I’m basically a moderate when it comes to my theoretical beliefs on this. You’re welcome to whip out a breast or a bottle on my couch to feed your baby. It’s all good. Just please do it expediently because I hate screaming.

I’m an engineer. I design bridges for a living. I still can’t believe they let me do that. I’m not sure I’ll ever actually feel like I belong here. Everyone else comes from families that helped them through college, and sent them to all sorts of extra stuff growing up. My background is, let’s just say, a little different. I feel like I’m between social classes. I am a professional, by definition, but I was raised on a farm, served as an enlisted soldier in the Army, and still keep leftovers in empty butter containers just like my mom does.

My life has been colorful. I’m divorced, and I’m not sorry for that. It was my idea, and it was the second best decision I ever made (majoring in civil engineering was the first). I don’t hate my ex, but I did restrict him on FaceBook because it was weird having him comment on my stuff all the time. I share custody as well as I can, and have never said no to a visit. I don’t understand high conflict ex’s. I don’t have the energy for that sort of thing. Plus, I’m an introvert, and confrontation scares me.

My boyfriend’s ex-wife thinks I’m the anti-Christ. It’s just as founded as the many times Republicans have alleged that of Obama. Basically, she’s not ok with the fact that I’m really different from her. I try to keep it level headed and factual when it comes to her, but sometimes I just have to laugh because the things she says are so ridiculous, and I really wish she’d get a job so she has less time for hostility. I don’t understand people like her. She reminds me of the girls in high school who always were trying to act like people were jealous of them even though most of us had no idea what they were talking about. In high school, I always ignored those girls, so I never gave much thought to what it would be like to co-parent with one. It’s been interesting, and will only get more-so. The boyfriend is trying for overnight visitation soon, so she’s giving us all she’s got right now.

Otherwise, I’m a card carrying member of Veterans for Peace. I’m a lifelong Democrat with Socialist leanings similar to Bernie Sanders. I think Tulsi Gabbard is going to be president someday, and hopefully sooner rather than later, and if she chooses Tammy Duckworth as her running mate, I’ll probably die of happiness. I know beyond a doubt that Black Lives Matter, Water Is Life, and no human being is illegal. Planned Parenthood does important work, and I think we all should also donate to our local abortion funds because reproductive justice is part of racial justice and economic justice, all of which are important.

So, if you can stand to hear from a super liberal Army veteran with lots of kids and an engineering career, who may or may not be the anti-Christ, stick around. Who knows? It might not be so bad.

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